Huntington’s Christ Centeredness

This post revolves around Huntington University’s theme for the 2007–08 academic year. For information regarding it see: their theme website, coverage on a United Brethren news site (hideous site by the way), and, for more discussion, the Assistant Director of Campus Ministries’ blog. For those on Facebook and/or at Huntington, this post was duplicated for […]


I have been solving problems on the web for a decade. I’ve designed and built websites using front end code, and expanded functionality by writing plugins and contributing to the WordPress codebase. In the last three years I’ve been focused on user experience practices, usability research, and data, and how together they lead to better websites. Skills […]

Ryan Imel on the Church

You might know me from Aboite Lutheran Church, where I worked for some time, Huntington University where I went to school, or just from reading my thoughts about the church on this blog. I don’t write about Christianity or the church that much anymore. But if you’re looking to read my thoughts on it (many […]

Christians Scare Me

They are dorks. What’s wrong with them? These people grab onto the idea of God and come to church because they want to be accepted. Great. Good. But why, then, do they become the loudest, most obnoxious, scariest ones? They turn me off, and I’m already in the “club.”


The more I hear so called qualified Christian organizations talk about homosexuality and its place in the Bible, the more I doubt that many are equipped to make statements concerning the issue. On the one hand, there are plenty of “Christians” (more than I like to think about) who decide that homosexuals are damned by […]

On Institutions

Interesting philosophical idea presented to me (and others) today by a very smart man: institutions, no matter what goal(s) they are founded on, will ultimately turn and make self preservation their primary goal.