My Projects

Without a doubt my number one project is, where I’m the owner and editor. I write and manage a blog designed to keep the WordPress community informed.

Aside from the blogging, there are also a handful of WPCandy-related projects:

  • In 2011 I launched Pros, a reverse job board where WordPress professionals — be they designers, developers, project managers or somewhere in the middle — can list themselves and be found by location, price range and skill. Listing yourself is free, so give it a look if you’re someone who’s looking for more work.
  • The WPCandy Stream is playing WordPress podcasts 24/7, and is also where we stream each podcast while we record it. I produce a number of shows.
  • The WPCandy Quarterly is the first and only printed publication specific to the WordPress community. I’m proud to edit it.

Anything that’s in the experimental stage, or isn’t quite as big a deal as the rest of these, ends up in WPCandy Labs.

WordPress plugins

I’m constantly creating little plugins to serve my own purposes. I much prefer creating plugins to dropping functions into theme files, which I’ve talked about at length before. Whenever I think a plugin I create for myself might be useful to others I add it to

Read about each of my WordPress plugins.

Founders coworking and collaborative workspace

I’m proud to have launched Founders, a coworking space in Fort Wayne, IN (the first of its kind, really) with Ray Angel and Steve Franks. Swing by some time after 8am and you’ll likely find me working there, no doubt building things with WordPress.

Read more about Founders in this blog post.


If I had to list my second passion, after developing and publishing on the internet, it would have to be entrepreneurship. I love running my own business and talking to others about their own.

My first business involved everything from photography to wedding videography (yeah, I know) and later evolved into just web development work.

I started and ran GooRoo with my friends Justin Vela, Aaron Kugler and Eric Lash, and learned a lot in the process. GooRoo eventually evolved into, which is my sole business focus right now.

I try to stay as involved in entrepreneurship groups around Fort Wayne as I can. For a while that was BizWiz at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, and now it’s happening at monthly Vertical Leap meetings.