The Price We Pay

This was originally published in Issue 5 of The Huntingtonian on February 15, 2007. 

The American Heritage Dictionary says “inconsistency” means “the state or quality of being inconsistent.” Helpful, right? “Inconsistent” is defined as something which is “lacking in correct logical relation,” or “incompatible.”

By this definition, then, Huntington is inconsistent.

When dorms are policed and open dorms are held to certain times in order to restrain the hormones of college students and yet the parking lots, library, and baseball diamond aren’t policed, Huntington is being inconsistent.

Students are asked to sign away their right to smoke and to drink (as of age 18 and 21, respectively) when they are at Huntington. This is for the sake of the health of the temple. But when students are allowed to create daunting chocolate and sugar coated ice cream concoctions three meals a day – you guessed it – Huntington is being inconsistent.

Only movies rated PG-13 or below are allowed on campus. This is because we Christians are delicate beings and should not be caused to stumble from our walk with Christ. But the rating system used to distinguish what is allowable or not is taken from a secular rating system, namely the Motion Picture Association of America.

There is also the exception of The Passion of the Christ. Apparently an extremely violent and disturbing – yet still very controversial – Christian movie is acceptable.


A week ago open dorms was extended approximately five hours for the sake of the super bowl. That one is too easy.

Above all else, although Huntington claims to be an institution that values academic freedom in a Christian environment it is still willing to remove a groundbreaking theological mind for the sake of its own interests.

Maybe I’m just being a cynic. But either we take issue with these things or we choose to live a life of inconsistency. We can’t have it both ways.

2 thoughts on “The Price We Pay

  1. Dude…be encouraged, and don’t give up. I’m sure you’ve seen that Playboy has called IU the #1 party school. I’ve got to say that living on this campus and studying religion from a historical, secular, anthropological perspective may have saved my (spiritual) life.

    So go…watch Requiem for a Dream, smoke a pipe, and talk about McLaren. Heck…invite a girl. Not all co-ed encounters end in copulation.


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