404 Research Lab

Just ran across an interesting site this afternoon – especially for anyone with knowledge of the web. 404 Research Lab is a website dedicated to all things 404; in other words the pages that show up when you click somewhere that doesn’t exist.

Any site owner may define their own custom 404 pages. 404 Research Lab exists to celebrate the great custom pages, to educate on the history of the 404, and show how to make your own 404 pages great. If you are a huge dork (like me) or have a few minutes to kill, check them out. Especially look through their gallery, Area 404, to see their favorites by category. My personal favorites are all from the “amusing” category.

Update: My favorites have to be shame 404 and rage 404. For a little 404 action from Fort Wayne, see ipfw.org. That one’s gold, I really should send it in to 404 RL.

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