The Power of the Facebook Social Timeline

It really is pretty cool. I actually spent over an hour today going through my ~190 friends and setting our friend details. This involved, in some cases, listing multiple trips and work experiences together. The emphasis was put on when we met, and I tried not to delve too much into classes we shared together.

The result is the timeline below, and I have to say it was exciting to see. It’s nice for me, especially, since I don’t have a great memory with some of this stuff. Take a look. (Image has been resized to protect the names and information below ;))

Facebook Social Timeline

Who wouldn’t get excited by that?

Now, I do have a question or two. First off, why does my info stop at 2000? I have plenty stretching before then, but instead I get the subversive feedback “That’s a negative, Ghostrider. The pattern is full.” I guess this is a way of the Facebook crew telling me it won’t show me more? I don’t get that. Anyone know why it wont go on, or how to coax it farther?

Also, I’m curious if Facebook is interested in allowing this information to be outputted in any way. I’ve thought of this before; whether or not Facebook will ever support vCard exporting for contact information. Maybe that’s a stretch.

Okay, enough time wasted on Facebook today. At least I pulled a blog post out of it.

7 thoughts on “The Power of the Facebook Social Timeline

  1. FacebookSync (Mac) blows my mind. Beautiful integration with Address Book. It will import your friends’ names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, IM info, and even photos. After the flood of duplicates were imported, I hit “Find Duplicates” and merged them with contacts I had already entered.

    So, props to those guys. Not sure if there are any comparable apps for Windows, though.


  2. Yeah, sorry dude. To be fair, it’s a 1.5ghz PowerBook G4 that’s three years old and has made its share of trips back to the mother ship. But I love the thing to death and give it treats now and then (running about 15 apps at a time was poky before the RAM upgrade).

    So…maybe I’ll stop telling you about all of the freaking awesome free/cheap software that’s out there. Maybe.

    Just be glad that you can test sites in IE without a hassle. Virtual PC + Windows 2000 blows. MS Remote Desktop is handy, though.


  3. as pire, n. - » Blog Archive » Change for the Sake of Organization

  4. …and today they took it down. Trust me man, I’m totally OCPD about cataloging and organization, and I often check it and update it at least 2-3 times a week. So I noticed their pattern of slowly making the timeline harder and harder to find, and with a sinking feeling yesterday when I couldn’t find it at all.

    I emailed them, and they confirmed this morning that they had “discontinued this feature.”

    I hope Zucker changes his mind. I miss it already, for the ~675 friends that I had real data for, and for the 5 smartalecks who had to put things like “Jousting Practice 101 in Spring 1564”

  5. I had no issues adding events from the 1980’s (and earlier… siblings never thought to remember that tho they were around in the 70’s, I couldn’t have lived with them before being born…)

    Will miss this feature 😦

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