Busy Summer Days, Short Summer Nights

I have a lot on my plate right now. Luckily I’m a hungry guy.

Job #1: Owner/Creative Director at Aspiring Indie

My startup is doing very well. Check out the company blog to see more in detail. We’ve picked up a few more employees recently, and there is quite a bit of biz buzzing through right now. The best part is the number of churches that we are beginning to network with. That excites me quite a bit.

Job #2: Director of Marketing and Communications at Aboite Lutheran Church

Due to the loss of a couple friends at Aboite (one going to graduate school and one to a new church), my work there will expand a bit. But I’m excited about it. Right now I’m working on a new site design and promotions for a big weekend in August. Feedback always welcome.

Job #3: Intern at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center

Getting a bit much, isn’t it? This one’s forty hours each week, and I’m not actually able to talk about much of what I do there. Go figure. But I can tell you that the Innovation Center works with startups and entrepreneurs to get them on their feet, operating on their own, and winning money at business plan competitions. Their site isn’t that bad, nor is my newly updated bio on their intern page.

Blogging Gig #1: For Myself

I want to start blogging, strictly for myself, on a more regular basis. I haven’t done this enough yet this summer, but I figure my newly updated theme here should help. It couldn’t hurt.

Oh, you are at my personal blog right now. Just so you know.

Blogging Gig #2: Aspiring Indie Company Blog

Of course, any web-based or creative business has to have a company blog! Now, what do you put on the blog? Well, I can think of a thing or two

Blogging Gig #3: Theme Playground

Yet another recent project (recent means in the past two or three months) I’ve started has been a website called ThemePlayground.com.

“Themes” refer to a particular element of a larger content management system called WordPress. WordPress is an amazing open-source (read: free) management system that has smoothed many rough edges of the web in the past few years. I have grown very fond of it. I use it for this blog, for the Aspiring Indie site, for many client projects…the list goes on.

Theme Playground is all about WordPress: hacking WordPress, WordPress tutorials, reviews (themes and plugins) and general updates from around the web regarding WordPress. It’s going pretty well so far.

Blogging Gig #4: Daily Blog Tips

I recently started contributing some posts over at Daily Blog Tips, in particular some posts about WordPress and how to best utilize it for individual blogs. It’s fun, and I like seeing how a large(er) group of people respond to my writing.

Technically writing to a group of thousands (like DBT serves) is akin to being published in a larger printed publication of some sort. I’m still trying to decide how to react to that one.

Extra Project: Cool Church Websites

A more recent acquisition on my part has become a website started by my friend Cory Miller and run somewhat jointly by the two of us right now. Basically this site showcases great church websites in a daily-blog-update fashion. It’s seen some great interest, and I would always be interested in hearing about more great website designs. Feel free to check it out and suggest any additions.

That may be everything right now. As you can imagine, there’s a lot to keep me busy. But certainly not least of these is my beautiful girlfriend Ashely Ashley Rae Hittinger. While I’m definitely a blogger I’m not much into releasing lots of personal info on the web this way. But know that I love her, and she blogs over there. Oh, and I designed that blog too. Yay me.

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