Business Blogging Ebook from Michael Martine

I recently reviewed a great book in PDF form from a blogging friend of mine, Michael Martine.

Michael Martine, Remarkablogger

I found the book to be a great resource for introducing someone to blogging, with a pretty good emphasis on WordPress as the blogging platform of choice (which I’m a fan of). Even if you already know about blogging, you may still find this work from Martine useful, as I did, for solidifying my own thoughts and giving me more to talk about with clients as others I may be inclined to “sell” blogging to.

Great work, Michael. If you get a chance head over to his blog about blog consulting, Remarkablogger, and take a look at this great ebook.

One thought on “Business Blogging Ebook from Michael Martine

  1. Thanks for the link to Remarkablogger. It looks like an interesting blog just perfect for me as a novice blogger. I also really like the theme you have chosen for your blog. I’m curious to know how you made the photos in the header change on every page refresh.

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