Jazz by the Joseph Lisinicchia Quartet

Back in high school I helped my sister’s boyfriend record a few songs for a CD of jazz music. It just so happened he ended up marrying her and is now my brother in law, but that’s not really the point of this post. I rediscovered that CD recently and have really enjoyed it, so I though you might too. Play each file, after the break. Click the post title to see the songs.

Commence beautiful jazz, by Joseph Lisinicchia and the Joseph Lisinicchia Quartet: 

  1. I’m Sorry Brother
  2. Two People in the House
  3. Bari Bad Marcus
  4. Do Regarding Miles
  5. Best Friends for a Day
  6. It Had to be Take 2
  7. It Had to be Take 1

2 thoughts on “Jazz by the Joseph Lisinicchia Quartet

  1. @ Jeremy: Some would argue that the human/technological integration is itself de-evolving humans (hell, read an average comment on YouTube). Nice random comment 🙂

    We need to hang out again soon, let us know when you’re free.

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