A bird’s eye view of your forum with Dashboard Forum Activity

I enjoy comments. They are easily the number one metric I use to determine whether a day’s worth of blogging was well spent. The way I check for comment activity is via the Recent Comments Dashboard widget. It puts comments in one spot, on my Dashboard (where I usually am) and does it in a nice simple way.

Since I’ve started using the new bbPress plugin more, I find myself wanting the same thing there. I want to quickly see new topics and replies, the same as I can via the Recent Comments widget. So, I created the Dashboard Forum Activity plugin to do just that.

Dashboard Forum Activity

You can download Dashboard Forum Activity from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. The plugin will add a widget to your Dashboard (only if you are an admin, or more specifically have the manage_options capability) showing newly created topics and replies on your bbPress-powered forum.

From the widget you can jump in and edit any topics or replies, as well as view them on the front end of the site. (Almost the) Same as the Recent Comments widget.

I have further plans for this plugin, but wanted to start simple and get it out. I’ve started using it today as well, and already enjoy it. I hope you will too!

One thought on “A bird’s eye view of your forum with Dashboard Forum Activity

  1. Hi Ryan,

    This is excellent, looks so good at the dashboard!

    But just want to find out if it is possible to put this at sidebar? The default sidebar widget looks terrible.


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