Ryan Imel on the Church

You might know me from Aboite Lutheran Church, where I worked for some time, Huntington University where I went to school, or just from reading my thoughts about the church on this blog.

I don’t write about Christianity or the church that much anymore. But if you’re looking to read my thoughts on it (many of which would probably still be my thoughts today) you came to the right page.

My thoughts on Rob Bell and Isn’t She Beautiful?

I also attended a speaker’s conference at Mars Hill, lead by Rob Bell, called Isn’t She Beautiful? I posted a lot that week, which you can find below:

If you liked this stuff, you might also like Rob Bell’s suggest reading list.

I also attended one of the stops on Rob Bell’s The Gods Aren’t Angry tour and wrote up my thoughts. Then there was a book signing, where I had a book signed and enjoyed a laugh with Bell.

Church Visiting

Back in 2006 my friend Justin Jones and I went church visiting. We wanted to see what worked, and what didn’t.

An evening with Donald Miller

I saw Donald Miller speak one time. I wrote down my thoughts after, and then submitted an editorial to my college paper about it.

My own thoughts on the church

If you’d like to read my thoughts on church issues, check out some of my favorites:

God and Time series

During an especially awesome class I took with Dr. David Woodruff during college I kept track of my thoughts on a few of the sections here on my blog.

This series skirted on the philosophical side of my writing. If you’re after that, check out the philosophy category of posts.

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