My first blog…

Well, technically I’ve tried my hand at things like Xanga in the past…but those are ugly.  And it limits who can view and comment.  Now anyone can view all of my ramblings – honestly, for the most part – in one central location, in what I think is an attractive design. 

I graduated.  Finally.  Only now do I finally feel comfortable discussing my age.  It’s never been easy, even telling people how old I am…it’s embarassing, I guess.  Weird.  But now that I’m beginning my undergrad in the fall and starting my own business, I feel a little more comfortable with myself.

Blogger, n. Someone with nothing to say writing to those with nothing to do.

My ‘business’ as I suppose I can call it is Aspiring Indie Pictures and focuses on…well, here, you read it yourself.

We are a film and DVD production business specializing in unique productions and catering packages directly to our customer’s needs. We offer services in many different areas, including (but not limited to) wedding memory DVDs, family reunions, graduations, special events, transfers from any media form to DVD, brochures and printed graphics, and specifically church productions. read more…

Websites have been my concern for the week.  It will probably be a lot of what I post about on here, actually.  I used to create and maintain a bunch of silly little websites a few years back, but I stopped doing it because it wasn’t worth the time.  But now, as I’m reading more and more about web standards, css and such…it’s exciting again.  Things have meaning, structure, order – all good things.

This whole blog thing still feels kind of foreign to me.  I’ll write again when I have something substantial to say.

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