Photography, studios, and the like

I am now happy with my blog setup. It took me a full day…yeah, just about that, to get it all set up the way that I want it to look. Not perfect, but darn near close.

I have the urge right now to clear out a room in my house for my studio. Green screen, lighting, photography, the whole bit. Opportunities to take photos((read: great ideas)) are coming to me more and more often – why waste them? I suppose it was iStockPhoto that piqued my interest as far as taking really good stock photos. Not that Flickr hasn’t encouraged me to take more photos – amazing site – it gets exciting for me when I consider being able to craft my own stock photos.

Well, there’s also money involved, best case scenario…but that’s minor, of course :).

I’ve actually had a few requests to buy my current camera (a Sony Cibershot). Though I don’t want to part with it (and won’t :)) it does get me thinking about a new camera. Any suggestions?

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