Draw Something sketches I’m proud of

I haven’t played a round of Draw Something in some time, but when I did I made my own meta-game out of making unnecessarily elaborate drawings (usually a few) to have some fun trying to improve my sketches. An iPad, a Pogo stylus, and a handful of the color sets you can pick up within the app made for good fun.


Went out to lunch with the Hittingers and played some shuffleboard. Funny, I never considered playing bar games during the day when the place is empty.

July 4th, 2012 photos

I enjoyed July 4th this year with the Hittinger family in Illinois. We took a few photos of our trip down to watch the fireworks.

Ashley recorded the fireworks finale too.

The coolest dog just got cooler

I’m pretty sure if Riley attended a WordCamp, he would make more friends than me.

Yup, he definitely would.

Ashley hand sewed the WordPress logo onto Riley’s hoodie. Like a boss.