Draw Something sketches I’m proud of

I haven’t played a round of Draw Something in some time, but when I did I made my own meta-game out of making unnecessarily elaborate drawings (usually a few) to have some fun trying to improve my sketches. An iPad, a Pogo stylus, and a handful of the color sets you can pick up within the app made for good fun.


Went out to lunch with the Hittingers and played some shuffleboard. Funny, I never considered playing bar games during the day when the place is empty.

July 4th, 2012 photos

I enjoyed July 4th this year with the Hittinger family in Illinois. We took a few photos of our trip down to watch the fireworks.

Ashley recorded the fireworks finale too.

The coolest dog just got cooler

I’m pretty sure if Riley attended a WordCamp, he would make more friends than me.

Yup, he definitely would.

Ashley hand sewed the WordPress logo onto Riley’s hoodie. Like a boss.


Photos of my pets, Indie and Riley

I realized that while these photos have lived on Facebook for some time, I’ve never uploaded them here to my own blog. That was silly of me.

The bulk of the photos are of Riley. He is a two year old bug, a breed of dog that is a mix between a Boston Terrier and a Pug. He’s cute.

There is also a picture of Indie in there too. She’s slightly older than Riley, and I actually adopted her first, so I couldn’t leave her out of this gallery.

All photos here were taken by the very talented Destany Maddox.

Sought refuge from the winter drive last night

Ashley was kind enough to pick me up from the Indianapolis airport yesterday. I was in Phoenix Arizona over the weekend, attending WordCamp Phoenix (see my coverage at WPCandy also). It was a great event, but the story I’m telling here really comes into play on the trip back.

Originally I was supposed to arrive at 4:00pm Monday in Indianapolis. Instead, my connecting flight in Denver, Colorado was delayed by about one and a half hours to de-ice the plane. I wasn’t upset about it, since I enjoy the airplanes I’m in staying airborne. But while we originally thought I would be back in time to make the drive back up to Fort Wayne before the big storm hit, the delay put us kinda sorta right in the middle of it.

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