Photos of my pets, Indie and Riley

I realized that while these photos have lived on Facebook for some time, I’ve never uploaded them here to my own blog. That was silly of me.

The bulk of the photos are of Riley. He is a two year old bug, a breed of dog that is a mix between a Boston Terrier and a Pug. He’s cute.

There is also a picture of Indie in there too. She’s slightly older than Riley, and I actually adopted her first, so I couldn’t leave her out of this gallery.

All photos here were taken by the very talented Destany Maddox.

3 thoughts on “Photos of my pets, Indie and Riley

  1. seriously, you wouldn’t post my comment? Evidentally you do not have a sense of humor. I’d call you an asshole, but then it would be deleted, but on second thought this has no chance of being posted either so it doesn’t matter. Also, don’t think you can hide in cyber space, your whereabouts are well documented.

    • Hey archie, sorry I didn’t get your comments approved before. I don’t watch this blog very often, didn’t check it until today.

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