Rob Bell’s Suggested Reading List

One of the questions asked at the Q+A the other night was “How can I be as knowledgeable as you are?” This is an interesting question in itself, but even better was the answer. Rob said to go to and request his reading list using the contact form. You can do this yourself (I did last night when we got home!) or you just click below. I hope he doesn’t mind.

Rob Bell’s Recommended Reading Materials

Take a look and see if there are any you own or have already read. I find it exciting both to find things I’ve already read and ones I have never heard of. I’m curious now how much I can gain through that contact form by simply asking…the response was very speedy too, which is a plus.

Oh, and thanks to Mike from Soul Renovatus. He linked me up earlier today. I appreciate it. If you want to find out more about Bell’s sermons and the goings-on at Mars Hill from someone on the inside, check his blog out. There are many good thoughts to be found there.

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