Independence Weekend Reading: On the Pledge

Some time ago, two years or so, I wrote a column for the Huntington University paper (called The Huntingtonian) that picked up a little interest. Turns out my thoughts on the US Pledge of Allegiance are not too common, and stirred up some discussion.

But I love that, don’t I?

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Bible Stories for Children

Ashley pointed me to an interesting article in the USA Today this morning that discusses different stances and approaches to telling Biblical stories in the form of children’s books. The article was pretty well balanced (surprisingly) and I thought I would distill what was said and offer a view that wasn’t presented, that is, not to tell children these stories when they are small.

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Boyd at Mars and A New Tour

Thought it would be worth mentioning that Greg Boyd will be speaking at Mars Hill on the 29th of this month.

Worth going. Definitely worth going.

There is also a new tour planned, called Calling All Peacemakers. Check out its website. Unfortunately it only seems to be a european tour. The tour seems to be based off of a series of messages Bell preached at Mars in December. If you didn’t catch the podcast, let me know and I will totally send you a copy. It’s well worth it.

Nooma – Myspace Page Release

In the past I have had a strong distaste for Myspace (and still do), often offering free blog designs to my friends for promising to stay off Myspace / delete their current page. Yeah, I guess you could consider mine strong feelings.

So my friends might be surprised to hear that I actually had a tab containing (nay, restraining) Myspace today. I was taking a look at the recently published Nooma page on Myspace.
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