Independence Weekend Reading: On the Pledge

Some time ago, two years or so, I wrote a column for the Huntington University paper (called The Huntingtonian) that picked up a little interest. Turns out my thoughts on the US Pledge of Allegiance are not too common, and stirred up some discussion.

But I love that, don’t I?

So for this weekend (Monday, technically), I thought I would step back to this post and read it, video blog style, and share it here. More thoughts to follow afterward.

As I said in the video, I can’t say my opinion has changed very much. Politicians don’t interest me all that much anymore, as I see them fighting all of the wrong things. In the end, it’s all a performance.

I’m not a patriotic person. And that doesn’t mean, by the way, I’m not thankful to be living here. I just don’t think of it as something I’m proud of. I’m here, not by my own doing, but by happenstance. And I won’t let something like patriotism get in the way of solid criticism.

3 thoughts on “Independence Weekend Reading: On the Pledge

  1. Hey, thanks. I guess I feel like those with high quality photos should be rewarded.

    And, those who don’t, kind of punished. I guess that’s how it works.

    Thanks for reading, and commenting!

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