The Fourth of July with Ashley

I wouldn’t call myself a patriotic person by any means. But when your girlfriend comes in for the weekend, and you get to spend the whole day together, it’s a pretty special time. And since she was around, we decided to head over to the Roanoke fireworks with my dad, aunt, and grandma.

Oh, and we captured the whole thing with my new Flip video camera.

Some of the more notable events of the day included:

  • Purchasing Ashley her very own web camera. Hopefully we will see her doing some video blogging.
  • Watched Hancock, which was actually a pretty good movie. Honestly, plot wasn’t that great. With any other actors it would have been so-so, but with Will Smith it was fun.
  • Picked out bathroom accessories, deciding on colors for my new apartment.
  • Great meal at Flat Top.
  • Fireworks in Roanoke.

As a side note, we had a lot of fun video blogging the day on my new Flip camcorder. The little thing can capture some decent video. It should go without saying that the quality on YouTube is degraded from the version sitting on my Mac. After normalizing all of the audio in iMovie, it really was pretty nice.

Finally, Ashley’s favorite photos from the fireworks. Only minor problems getting the camera to work right for it, but I’m happy with how they turned out.

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