Nooma – Looking for Extras

Run over to and read about how to become an extra in the next two Nooma videos, 17 and 18. Before you get too excited, though, it’s only available to those in the Jacksonville, FL area.

A couple of notes on the website: First, I’m a bit disappointed. I’ve always been a fan of the use of domain names for one-time ministry events (or project/event/anything events for that matter!). But Nooma didn’t really impress me with this site. It gets it done, and it is by no means ugly, but it is lacking pop. Of course I could just be expecting too much after their website for Bell’s Sex God Tour. That site rocks.

Also, check out some of the questions down the page; they made me smile. They truly are making calls for extras – be prepared to drop your height and weight if you really are interested.

Thanks to Soul Renovatus for the head’s up. Check out his site for more Nooma info straight from the source – he’s a regular attender at Mars Hill, where they hear about everything first.

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