Library Uses Flickr in Very Innovative Way

Westmont Public Library in Illinois has (as far as I know) just pioneered an innovative way for libraries to use Flickr.

Someone over there is thinking. They’re publishing photos of new released books with notes attached to each book that link back to reserve that book on their website. Awesome.

Another great use of Flickr notes that I can remember seeing was this one featuring a lot of web 2.0 logos and notes linking to the relevant website. Any others you know of?

Design Contests: Opportunity or Manipulation?

A recent happening at Smashing Magazine has sparked my interest in the issue of running a design contest in order to solicit designs to use as commercial identity. Smashing posted a request not too long ago asking for submissions in a logo design contest to create the identity of their magazine. It has since ended, and although there were over a hundred submissions, there was also those who disagreed with the process. The discussion in the comments of the first post is indication enough that there is divide among the artistic community as to the proper response when presented with this sort of opportunity.
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Nooma – Myspace Page Release

In the past I have had a strong distaste for Myspace (and still do), often offering free blog designs to my friends for promising to stay off Myspace / delete their current page. Yeah, I guess you could consider mine strong feelings.

So my friends might be surprised to hear that I actually had a tab containing (nay, restraining) Myspace today. I was taking a look at the recently published Nooma page on Myspace.
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Web Directions North Slides

I’m glad I snagged the feed from Web Directions North way back when I did. Even though I didn’t go to the conference I enjoyed browsing the presentation slides that they put online today.

Download the Web Directions North presentation slides on their website. I hope you will have as good a time with them as I did. The slides from “Disciplined Designer” and “Finding Creativity” were easily my favorites.