Change for the Sake of Organization

I do love organization. But I also love things when they stay the same. I’m a creature of habit.

*cough* Arby’s 5 for 5 all the time *cough*

Lately I’ve made some changes to, hopefully, improve my workflow a bit.

I suppose this change can be traced back to when I invested in Basecamp. I read about them and decided that my projects merited some organization. The greatest part about Basecamp is the ability to involve multiple people in a project – but I won’t do it justice, go read about it from 37Signals. Those guys rock by the way.

Then I finally made the switch from Hotmail, Web mail clients, and HU campus mail to Outlook. Actually, I’m in the midst of the move. It works great for Hotmail and my site emails, now it’s just the matter of making campus mail squeeze into the tight netherregions I now know as Outlook. I have to say it isn’t exactly… fast. But it consolidates email as well as contacts. For that, me loves it.

Comparing Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar

I’ve also switched from Google Calendar to the Outlook Calendar. Google’s looked beautiful in comparison to Outlook (I mean damn) but the temptation to sync the calendar as well as the contacts from Outlook to my new iPod was just too much. I succumb.

Oh, and Scott I looked into that Facebook tool you mentioned. It looks like it really does work with Mac and there is no Windows alternative.


2 thoughts on “Change for the Sake of Organization

  1. Props for moving from web-based to client-side. It’s nice to be responsible for all of your own data – and to have it all in one place.

    Google Calendar looks a bit like iCal, no? I’m just messing with ya – besides, today is a day of mourning for the Mac community. With Leopard now Vista’d (though for three months, not three years), I’ve got some pining to do.

    But enough of that. If you get tired of paying for BaseCamp, ActiveCollab is a brilliant open source clone.

    Might have some work for you if you’re interested in a project, by the way. Hit me up.

  2. So, I did a little sleuthing. Your dream app once was…but no longer is. Check out LifeHacker’s Download of the Day from 3/22/06: Facebook Downloader.

    The link points to the now-defunct That seemed strange – this would be popular, right? Except now…


    Administrative Contact:
    Admin, Domain
    156 University Ave, 3rd Floor
    Palo Alto, CA 94301

    Looks like a little cease-and-desist action happened there.

    Found this next – check out the page from May ’06 at the Internet Archive.

    A shame indeed. Perhaps now that Facebook Platform is live, this could become a reality without rousing the lawyers.

    (I’m hooked on LOST. Just had to admit that.)


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