What it feels like to have a lost kitty

I couldn’t believe it, even after it seemed as though it had to be the case. Sometime on Tuesday afternoon, between noon and three o’clock, I opened the door. I subsequently closed the door. And upon further investigation, later that afternoon, it hit me.

My cat had ran out when the door was open.

Lucky for me I was only figuring this out when Ashley came back from her classes, so it wasn’t as though she was going to freak out or anything (riiiiight).

For the next 5 hours or so, a lot of things seemed to happen all at once.

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Awesome Obama audio

From April Winchell:

Ray, a fellow classmate of Obama’s, was also bi-racial, and also trying to define himself. But what set him apart was his colorful manner of self-expression. Ray cursed like a motherfucker.

This would all be snickerworthy enough, but it turns out that Obama actually read the audiobook version of Dreams From My Father.

And that means he read Ray’s quotes.

Who doesn’t want to hear their president cursing? Check it out on April’s blog.

Plugging myself

If you’re into Lost like I am, add my Lost blog Lost Bits to your feed reader. I spent some time fixing up the site and actually validating the RSS this weekend, so it should be good to go. There are a couple of videos up on it already, some photos, with much more to come with the new season starting up soon.

Seeed and Some New Web Apps

A post at Daring Fireball directed me to an interesting forum called Seeed, specifically for those developing web applications. Thought I can’t claim to have built any web applications (yet) I do enjoy the discussion there. Already I’ve found a couple of interesting sites, both for me to use and for me to link to.

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