Seeed and Some New Web Apps

A post at Daring Fireball directed me to an interesting forum called Seeed, specifically for those developing web applications. Thought I can’t claim to have built any web applications (yet) I do enjoy the discussion there. Already I’ve found a couple of interesting sites, both for me to use and for me to link to.

  • ThinkFold is an app for collaborating on outlines. It may sound strange, but take a look at the demo videos and you may like what you see. Currently in beta.
  • Small Farm Central isn’t exactly a site I could use, being the city boy that I am, but I do like the idea. The creator wants to provide a place for small farmers to have a quality place on the web. On the aesthetic side, I really like the red pattern background of the site.
  • Design Deadline describes itself as monthly CSS Reboot minus the suck. While I do hate the term deadline, I signed up and added this site to the collection. I look forward to having a publicly viewable deadline to update the design here every month.

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