Linking: Tiny Resource Edition

A common trend among blogs today is to take one time out of each week and link up some cool resources and sites worth mentioning. With all the creative titles out there being used already, I decided to stick to something basic, something simple: Linking. I’ll try and drop a few of these each week.
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Recap: Blogging and a New Church Website

I’m implementing a post I’m going to start doing called Recap (the concept is more important than the name) where every week I’ll be dropping links to some things I’ve been involved in throughout the week, whether that’s site developments or new blog/writing being published, etc. I’ll use this to go back and grab past work of mine, but I hope it will be fun to read through as well.
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Library Uses Flickr in Very Innovative Way

Westmont Public Library in Illinois has (as far as I know) just pioneered an innovative way for libraries to use Flickr.

Someone over there is thinking. They’re publishing photos of new released books with notes attached to each book that link back to reserve that book on their website. Awesome.

Another great use of Flickr notes that I can remember seeing was this one featuring a lot of web 2.0 logos and notes linking to the relevant website. Any others you know of?

Blog Changeup, New Digs

The official location of my personal blog has changed from to a new and (hopefully more) permanent location:

I’ve had issues with name-based personal domains in the past, but I figured I’d swallow it already and go with what seemed the easiest choice. And here we are. The old blog location will still be used, but as the official Aspiring Indie Company Blog. Exciting, right? Maybe just for me.