Recap: Blogging and a New Church Website

I’m implementing a post I’m going to start doing called Recap (the concept is more important than the name) where every week I’ll be dropping links to some things I’ve been involved in throughout the week, whether that’s site developments or new blog/writing being published, etc. I’ll use this to go back and grab past work of mine, but I hope it will be fun to read through as well.

Note: This post will have more blog posts than normal, since I’ll go ahead and post links to all the guest-blogging I’ve done up until now.

This Week

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  • Southwest Alliance Church Logo
    Southwest Alliance Church Website
    I helped Southwest, an up and coming church in Illinois, get their preliminary website online this past week. It’s simple and modest, but I think it will work really well for them right now. It’s also exciting that their Pastor is going to be blogging on a weekly basis, so I’m looking forward to coaching him through that.

A Lil’ Bit Older

One thought on “Recap: Blogging and a New Church Website

  1. Thanks for sharing that example of a church using WordPress. I’ve done a few websites in my day, and I think any church site I design in the future, I’m going to strongly encourage them towards WordPress. It’s ideal for a church site, where content changes regularly, and you have non-techie people keeping the content fresh for the most part.

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