Recap: Big Blog News

I know I’ve talked about blogging before, but this one takes the cake. Last week I was published at CopyBlogger for a piece I wrote about keeping track of ideas and streams of thought. Very exciting.

For those who aren’t aware, CopyBlogger is ranked somewhere around #7,000 on Alexa. Which means they are really big. And I shared the front page for a day last week!

So check out the link above for my first post at CopyBlogger. I say first because I was published again this week, this time on authority blogging, which was greeted even more warmly than my first! I will be continuing to blog for Brian, which I am very excited about. Keep an eye on CopyBlogger and all recaps here, of course, to catch up on what I write.

Along with that I’ve been published a few other places, and I’ve also put out another church site or two using WordPress.

In Blogging

In Websites

  • I revealed a redesign of Theme Playground last week. I’m happy with the results, and a post reviewing the two themes (Version 1 and Version 2) in depth is coming soon. Also, I’ve released the first design as a free WordPress theme.
  • Launched a website for our Weekend of Celebration this past week. Kind of late in the game, but we have to start somewhere if we’re going to do sites like this for big events. Overall, I was happy with the results. Especially considering it was built with WordPress in less than two days!
  • Another new one on the way. I’ll postpone the “announcement” until next week, though…

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