How I Write

I tend to start writing using bullet points and phrases. Usually, there’s only one or two statements I really want to get across anytime I write a post or entry. That’s where I start. Where it comes into the page, that all depends on what it takes to develop to the point of writing.Sometimes I start by grabbing a Writeboard and scribbling notes into it in list format. Other times I grab a scrap piece of paper (always scrap, never waste whole papers) and put my idea down on paper. It’s interesting, actually, that sometimes it takes paper to turn on certain parts of my creativity that typing doesn’t seem to bring out. Anyone have some psychology on that one?

And, for the record, this is one of the first posts that I’ve written in some time that didn’t start with bullet points and a phrase. I just sort of wrote it. Maybe you can tell. Hopefully I’m not that bad.

One thought on “How I Write

  1. I could tell and it was terrible!!!!

    Thinking about reverting to your old ways of simply writing without thought? It’s like speaking before thinking—very risky business.

    Would you dare?

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