Linking: Competition Edition

It’s time for that linking thing again.

  • I Love Typography – I haven’t looked into this site too much, but it seems interesting. I love typography too!
  • Binary Moon Links Competition – If you have a blog, and getting links sounds interesting to you, then give this one a try. Binary Moon is cool, I read it often.
  • Intense Debate – A new comment management thing for blogs. I’m not sure whether I’m excited by it yet or not, but the idea of centralizing comments into some sort of universal system… Yeah, never mind, it is a scary idea.
  • Top 5 essential WordPress Plugins – David Aireylists his essential WordPress Plugins. Always good to see a pro’s picks when it comes to WordPress.
  • Pimp My Blog Contest – Randa Clay is offering some cool design services (as well as other stuff) for a relatively simple contest at Clay’s blog. Worth checking out.
  • 165 Lovely Vector Icons – I used some of these vectors in the recent redesign of Theme Playground. I’m a fan.
  • Icebrrg – Web forms made easy. I’m not sure whether Icebrrg is any better than Wufoo (or vice versa) yet. I’ll have to compare/contrast and get back to you.

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