Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant

One of the only (yup, probably the only) fictional authors I read is an incredibly talented (and slightly demented) man named Chuck Pahlaniuk. My interest in him began with Fight Club some 10 years ago and has since developed into my reading everything he’s published. Most recently, my interest has resulted in me devouring his recent book Rant.

Rant book cover

Rant is the story of a very peculiar man after he has died. The book’s full title is Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey. The whole thing is written as if it’s a transcribed documentary, edited together in a masterful way. If you’re one who can really envision books as movies while you read them, this one might really get you excited.

Palahniuk has a knack for grossing me out and feeling embarrassed for reading something, and at the same time that I feel as if I’m part of a secret club that only a few know about. All of the characters in this book, not only Rant, are disturbed in their own ways and have little quirks that make them unique and disgusting in their own way.

It’s fabulous.

If you’ve seen Fight Club and liked it, I would highly suggest other of Palahniuk’s writing. This is by no means a significant review of this work, but that’s because I wouldn’t want to take anything away from it by offering too much commentary. It’s great, go read it.

A rant is a widespread and distinctive phenomenon of emotional speech or writing in the form of a series of complaints or attacks, about a topic of interest, many times political in nature. Rarely, rants express great praise, defending an idea or a person from attack.

Oh, and Choke and Invisible Monsters are both slated for hitting theaters in the next couple of years. Oh happy day.

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