Give Yourself a Loose Blogging Schedule

Sometimes, when writing for a blog, it can be difficult to come up with things to blog about. And sometimes it isn’t as harsh as that, but just gathering the energy can be challenging. When that happens (not if) I would suggest giving yourself a loose blogging schedule.

By blogging schedule I mean a day-by-day skeleton to base your blogging on. For example: on Monday your post will be a personal reflection, on Tuesday a tutorial of some sort, and on Wednesday a simple editorial. While this doesn’t put too much restriction on your creative writing it gives you something to justifiably require of yourself.

The reason this is fresh on my mind has to do with my “personal blog” – I’ve been neglecting it lately to write elsewhere, including here at Daily Blog Tips, and I don’t like leaving my personal blog out of the loop. I need a way to commit to writing more often, so I gave myself something to achieve. Now, no matter what is running through my head, I have something each day to sit down and write about. It’s surprising how it has helped, just in the few days I’ve been using it.

When you sit down (or continue sitting down, I guess) to sketch out a loose blogging schedule, take these things into consideration:

  • Only require what’s sustainable. You can always blog more and feel better about yourself, but you don’t want to blog less and feel like crap.
  • You don’t have to be public about your schedule. No one needs to know that you are blogging this way on this day or another way the next, etc. Keep it to yourself and let your audience focus on your content, not your method.
  • Grab a calendar and put your goals for each day on it. Check back daily. Hit repeat on each requirement for some number of weeks that you hope to maintain your schedule. I am trying 10 weeks, which will basically double the number of posts on my personal blog. Try setting an attainable goal so you can feel good about blogging!
  • Pay attention. Whether you’re writing on a personal blog or otherwise, watch each different type of post you write and how people respond to them. Since you’re already participating in an exercise by trying out a schedule, you might as well make the process that much more worthwhile by actually analyzing the outcomes of your efforts!

Just to get you started, there are a few different kinds of posts I’m thinking about when I say “post types”. If you’re blanking on how to get started, check out some of these ideas.

  1. Linking post to other great reads from throughout the week
  2. Quickly discuss what you’ve read/listened to/watched recently
  3. A recap of your weekend, any exciting stories
  4. A tutorial guiding someone else through a problem you’ve solved recently
  5. A list of (insert here)
  6. Link up your recent photos from Flickr or videos from YouTube

How about you – what sort of “post types” do you try and hit on a regular basis? Do you have a blogging schedule? Anything I missed here that’s worth mention?

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