Church Doors Without Handles

I caught this link from Nathan Colquhoun’s blog (which, by the way, is a great source of links to church-related articles – check him out) and it strung a cord with me.

There is a church without handles on their doors.

the church has no handles on the doors leading into any part of the church. the only way into the church is to have a key, or be let in by someone who is in the building. no one is able to just “walk in,” and you can never just “visit” without being allowed in.

This seems to violate something that is (or should be) true about church. It should be a welcoming atmosphere open to anyone. What has it become otherwise? What is the point of the chruch at that point?

one women said, “well we do have a great deal of homeless people in the area and they are always coming by for help. so we had the doors replaced so they could not just walk in.” well, God forbid a homeless person should ever approach a church for help…

Sad yet? Read the rest of the post here.

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