Twenty Years Young

This week I turned twenty, and at times like this (birthdays, big milestones) I feel I should stop and look back over something, and maybe reflect a bit. Let’s see how this goes.

Work Life

As far as my work life is concerned, in the past year I think I’ve taken some big steps toward defining what it is I want to do with my life. I discovered, via my internship over the summer, that I don’t like working in an office at all. So I’ll never be doing that again.

I think an even bigger happening this year, for me, has happened recently. I decided (finally) to start saying no to things which are good but not the best. This is a tough decision for me, and I can foresee more difficult decisions regarding this thought process in the near future, but I’m proud of my development so far.

Personal Life

I’ve seen some interesting changes in my personal life in the past year. But since I’m not big into sharing personal things like this, I’ll go ahead and defer this part of my reflection.


I’m still going with the same major as last year. Same majors I’ve wanted to study for years. If anything, I’m feeling more and more pulls toward other things nowadays, what with Indie taking off the way it is. But I’m sticking to school, and I’m proud of the work I’m doing.

End reflection

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