Don’t Punish Customers When They Purchase

Let’s say I just went through the purchasing process, and wasn’t too happy with the end result. The retailer in question is a very popular one, but pointing out who won’t strengthen my point any. At the end of the process, after completely checking out and giving them my money, I was bombarded by affiliate ads and promises for “$100 for free” if I participated in a survey. Yuck.

I understand that this particular retailer wanted to make a few extra bucks and so they sold some real estate. But I, the customer, end up with the feeling that any degree of professionalism throughout the shopping experience was all a charade, something they pulled over my eyes to sell me something. Once they had my money, they didn’t care about me anymore — at least that’s the image I left with.

The Moral of the Story

Don’t punish your customers/clients/readers when they “purchase”. They will see that you value dough more than them, and it probably won’t make them very happy campers. Respect your customers and they will respect you back.

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