Learn from My Mistakes: Banner.gif

I had an interesting Sunday last week. I was in the process of finalizing my home church’s new website to launch, and one of the last things to do was to add a page promoting our new series entitled Why?. But when it came to uploading a small image to accompany the page, it wasn’t happening.

I use WordPress for every web project I’m a part of, and I believe each project is that much better for it. Church websites, personal websites, even company websites — all benefit by using WordPress. In this case, however, WordPress was not allowing me to upload or place this particular image for my church website.

I began searching the WordPress.org help forums for some, well, help. The only related advice I could find was that some others had experienced similar problems when they had tried hotlinking an image from another server — or when, somehow, the server didnn’t believe the poster had the right to link it. I had never heard of this before, but then again this had never happened to me before either. Since there had been some mix-ups with our domain and hosting server lately, I decided that must be the problem.

So I wiped everything and had the server admin check over and make sure we were clean. Then I re-uploaded everything. I re-installed WordPress and synced all of the databases again. It took around three hours.

Jumped back in to post the image, and guess what?

It didn’t work. No difference from earlier.

It turns out that the problem wasn’t the server at all. It wasn’t even WordPress. The problem was that the image was called banner.gif. And apparently my ad protection (either my browser or otherwise) automatically blocks things called banner.gif.

Imagine my surprise.

So, take this as a word to the wise (as well as a word to anyone wanting to potentially save three hours of their time): never name an image banner.

I hope I’m the only one to suffer through this. So I hesitate to ask: anyone else have a problem like this one?

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