IE – Bigger Font Size v. Firefox

I was up late last night working to make a site functional across browsers. Anyone who does web design knows what those nights are like. I couldn’t sleep until I figured things out. Part of the reason was it took a long time for me to find an answer – which, in the end, I had to reason through myself. Since it isn’t very often that you are able to Google your problem and find the same problem (with a solution) somewhere else, here is my contribution: my problem and my solution.
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Web Directions North Slides

I’m glad I snagged the feed from Web Directions North way back when I did. Even though I didn’t go to the conference I enjoyed browsing the presentation slides that they put online today.

Download the Web Directions North presentation slides on their website. I hope you will have as good a time with them as I did. The slides from “Disciplined Designer” and “Finding Creativity” were easily my favorites.