Apartment Painted, (Almost) Furnished

My new apartment is now fully painted and (nearly) fully furnished. I’m approaching everything fairly practically, so I’m only adding furniture when I have a purpose for it. The paint and decor I’ve added in the past couple of weeks really brings out the life of this place, and is really boosting the creativity I experience in my office. I have some pictures to show off (before and after) and some little tips I’ve picked up through the experience.

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The Fourth of July with Ashley

I wouldn’t call myself a patriotic person by any means. But when your girlfriend comes in for the weekend, and you get to spend the whole day together, it’s a pretty special time. And since she was around, we decided to head over to the Roanoke fireworks with my dad, aunt, and grandma.

Oh, and we captured the whole thing with my new Flip video camera.

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On Storing and Sharing Photographs

When I started using WordPress about two years ago, I was interested in the platform specifically for the utility I saw in it. At the time I didn’t have the slightest idea about how to construct a system for managing content. I had begun to play with PHP includes, but that only gave me a slightly more efficient way of handling static information.
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