In preparation for “The Incident”

Coming up this Wednesday night is the season finale episode of the fifth season of Lost. In preparation for the episode entitled “The Incident” I watched the last four season finale episodes over the weekend. I picked up a few interesting trends here and there. Don’t worry, no spoilers.

The First Finale: Exodus

The first season finale was a much more innocent time. We hadn’t yet experienced any of the Dharma Orientation videos yet, let alone jump into the 70s and witness them being made.

Season 1’s finale brought with it three goals: get Aaron back from Danielle Rousseau, use the dynamite to blow up the hatch door (the hatch door which we now know belongs to the Swan) and attempt rescue using the raft the survivors built.

The raft that Michael built, actually. You remember Michael, don’t you?

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Just a bit of a stream of consciousness video. Been a while since touching base on here.