Ryan’s WordPress plugins

I create WordPress plugins all the time — usually for my own convenience. Sometimes these plugins are little more than a single function or a line or two of PHP, but they are instantly easier to use when they’re plugins.

When I think a plugin might be useful to others I try to carve out some time and add them to WordPress.org. So far, these are the plugins I’ve released.

Simple Badges

Achievements for BuddyPress is fantastic if you want to integrate badges into a BuddyPress-driven social environment. CubePoints works if you want to award points to your users that are redeemable for things. This plugin focuses on a different kind of situation: awarding badges manually by admin approval, and automatically when specific events are triggered — and to do so as simply as possible.

P2 Check In

This plugin adds the ability for users to “check in” to the P2 theme when they’re active. Once activated you’ll find a new “Who is Checked In” widget that you can add to your sidebar, and a “Log In/I’m here!/I’m leaving!” button will automatically be added to your P2 theme’s header.

Dashboard Forum Activity

I use the Recent Comments Dashboard widget every single day. It’s the first way I check up on recent activity on my sites. Now that I’ve started using bbPress to power a forum on my site I would like the same bird’s eye view of it too.

WPCandy Dashboard Feed

This plugin adds a widget to your WordPress Dashboard that pulls in the most recent posts from WPCandy.com. The number of posts displayed, and the category of posts displayed, can both be configured.

Everyone’s allowed one self-serving plugin, right?

Admin Bar Hover Intent

(I no longer update this plugin because it seems the feature has been implemented into WordPress core.)

This plugin slows down the dropdown effect of the WordPress Admin Bar. By default (as of WordPress 3.1.x) the WordPress Admin Bar reacts to any mouseover by dropping down menu items. With this plugin you have to hover over the menu items deliberately in order for them to display.

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