Isn’t She Beautiful?: Appendix

Ask and you shall receive. A couple of people have commented asking for my complete 43 (50 in pdf form, apprarently) pages of notes. I beseech thee to download and further thee…um, theeself?

Mars Hill Conference “Isn’t She Beautiful” Notes

A couple of notes on these, well, notes; first of all all of the highlighted portions are there because I used each of them in one of the blogs on Isn’t She Beautiful that I wrote. Each color refers to a different post as I went through each day…yeah, I’m a dork. Get over it. Secondly, there is a reason that the notes for the session on Narrative Theology and the session on elders is a bit short. The breakout sessions were poor.

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Isn’t She Beautiful?: Final Thoughts

There will be a lot of letters of resignation turned in after that conference. Pastors, worship leaders, and even children’s ministers will leave churches they have poured themselves into for years. They will leave to follow their true passions, their true calling – something which has been nipping at their heels without a name for as long as they can remember.

Rob Bell brought that nipping into question last weekend. He gave it a name and a face. He said “turn around and chase that down.”

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Isn’t She Beautiful?: The Living Eucharist

Bell opened his 9:00 session briskly – I think this is the best way to describe it – efficiently saying “open your Bibles to Colossians 2.” He’s very direct and challenging – I love it. Oh, and Bibles are handed out while scripture verses are referred to on the screens (see right) and it’s up to you to turn to the verse. It’s awesome – don’t go to Mars Hill if you want to be lazy.
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