Competitions are Damaging to Startups

New business competitions are incredibly tempting. I’ve participated in half a dozen or so in only a couple of years of entrepreneurship. I won once, came in second another time, and completely lost the rest of the times. In my experience the potential return (prize money) isn’t worth the lost productivity and wastes intra-startup networking possibilities.

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In preparation for “The Incident”

Coming up this Wednesday night is the season finale episode of the fifth season of Lost. In preparation for the episode entitled “The Incident” I watched the last four season finale episodes over the weekend. I picked up a few interesting trends here and there. Don’t worry, no spoilers.

The First Finale: Exodus

The first season finale was a much more innocent time. We hadn’t yet experienced any of the Dharma Orientation videos yet, let alone jump into the 70s and witness them being made.

Season 1’s finale brought with it three goals: get Aaron back from Danielle Rousseau, use the dynamite to blow up the hatch door (the hatch door which we now know belongs to the Swan) and attempt rescue using the raft the survivors built.

The raft that Michael built, actually. You remember Michael, don’t you?

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It seems I’m an evil socialist

Of course I only mean evil in the sense that it has lately become a bad ideology, on par with the Boogeyman. He’s probably socialist too.

The results of a political placement test I took earlier tonight:

My political leanings, a chart

This sort of test is useful, especially for determining just how blindly you are following a particular political party/candidate in the states. I’m one to call foul on the process in general, but I suppose my leanings speak for themselves. I’m thinking doing this test every year or so would make for some interesting introspection, especially if one tracked exactly what responses one gave throughout the test.

If you choose to take the test as well, let me know how it comes out. And, more importantly, how the results reflect on where you placed yourself pre- taking it. I’m curious.

What it feels like to have a lost kitty

I couldn’t believe it, even after it seemed as though it had to be the case. Sometime on Tuesday afternoon, between noon and three o’clock, I opened the door. I subsequently closed the door. And upon further investigation, later that afternoon, it hit me.

My cat had ran out when the door was open.

Lucky for me I was only figuring this out when Ashley came back from her classes, so it wasn’t as though she was going to freak out or anything (riiiiight).

For the next 5 hours or so, a lot of things seemed to happen all at once.

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Night out seeing a chick flick

Last weekend Ashley and I went out with a few friends and saw He’s Just Not That Into You. While the movie wasn’t all that bad (I wasn’t expecting much, and it grew on Ashley the farther along it went), the real entertainment was the cardboard promo for the new Friday the 13th with a space for your face. Commence photos, after the jump.

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