Nooma – Myspace Page Release

In the past I have had a strong distaste for Myspace (and still do), often offering free blog designs to my friends for promising to stay off Myspace / delete their current page. Yeah, I guess you could consider mine strong feelings.

So my friends might be surprised to hear that I actually had a tab containing (nay, restraining) Myspace today. I was taking a look at the recently published Nooma page on Myspace.
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Nathan’s Blog and 2 New Books

I wanted to take a (probably long overdue) moment to thank Nathan over at Nathan’s Blog for a gift card to Amazon. Nathan was running a feed subscription contest a little while back – and I won. If you haven’t checked out Nathan’s blog before, please do. He writes on some really interesting stuff, especially if science or politics interest you. Thank again Nathan.

“So, Ryan, what did you do with the money?”

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Rob Bell’s Suggested Reading List

One of the questions asked at the Q+A the other night was “How can I be as knowledgeable as you are?” This is an interesting question in itself, but even better was the answer. Rob said to go to and request his reading list using the contact form. You can do this yourself (I did last night when we got home!) or you just click below. I hope he doesn’t mind.
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